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London's Weekend Review

Arsenal 2 - Everton 0

This game had really two portions. In fact, it was really a game of 2's....Arsenal won by 2, both goals scored in a little over 2 minutes, both scored by their best 2 strikers! However, it was also a game of 2 portions, there were the 2 minutes we just mentioned, however, there was the other 88 minutes.

What was different about the other 88 minutes? Well, that period was very evenly matched, perhaps even Everton were slightly ahead overall, with the exception of some poor finishing. I am thinking particularly of Walcott, the former Arsenal player, who was through on goal and still managed to allow the advancing Cech to save.

The encouraging thing for Gunners' fans is that Arsenal are not playing well, yet, still winning. Imagine what they can achieve if they do start playing well?
A special mention goes out to Alexandre Lacazette. Everyone mentions his 'bromance' with Aubameyang, however, his well taken individual goal was a sheer delight. He is …

Arsenal 4 - Vorskla 2


What should have been an easy victory for the Gunners, turned out to be a match in which the scoreline had nothing to do with the game.
For the first half, the vastly changed Gunners were VERY bland. Against a team with this amount of achievement, this was very poor. As usual, though, the half time pep talk from Emery sparked Arsenal into life and they were much the superior team in the second half, with 2 goals from Aubameyang, one from Welbeck, and one from Ozil, giving the Gunners a 4-0 lead.
It seems, though, that Arsenal appear incapable of keeping a clean sheet, and, just before the end, the visiting team pulled two back as Arsenal's defence again went to sleep. The senior Lichsteiner, playing his first gaime, was mostly to blame. However, as long as Arsenal keep scoring so many, this run of 4 wins in a row, may well continue.

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Mixed Fortunes For London Rivals

Tottenham v Liverpool
Spurs are going to have to really pick themselves up if they are going to finish top 4 this season after a bruising loss to Liverpool. Ok, I know, Liverpool are title contenders for this season, however, Spurs did not like anything remotely similar to title contenders as they went down by 2 at home to the Reds. Despite Salah, last years fantastic goal scorer, looking strangely a shadow of his former self, Tottenham barely looked liked scoring. So, I guess, you could say that both Kane and Salah were not wearing the right boots tonight, as neither had any impact on the game.
Newcastle 1 - Arsenal 2
The Gunners had, frankly, an insipid first half away at Newcastle, however, the replacement of Guendouzi with Torreira sparked life into the Gunners, as Xhaka fired home a free kick after 48, and, Ozil added a rare goal after 57.
Despite a late consolation goal from Kieren Clark for Newcastle, the stats show that Arsenal dominated the possession, shots, and the result.

Arsenal Line Up V Newcastle - 1 Thing To Learn

Firstly, Here Is The Arsenal Line Up v Newcastle(Away)
Cech Bellerin-Mustafi-Sokratis-Monreal Xhaka-Guendouzi Ramsey-Ozil-Aubameyang Lacazette 
What is the one thing we learn?
With Arsenal starting the season so poorly, Emery is clearly attempting to build upon the momentum that the last couple of bames have bought. To that end, he has left the team unchanged in order to continue this momentum, nowever, if Arsenal start poorly, expect the line up to change pretty quickly!

Arsenal Announce 25 Man Premier League Squad

Arsenal Squad For This Year So, with no further is the Arsenal squad for this season: Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick Bellerin, Hector* Bramall, Cohen Cech, Petr Elneny, Mohamed Naser Elsayed Holding, Robert Samuel* Iliev, Deyan* Iwobi, Alex* Jenkinson, Carl Daniel* Kolasinac, Sead Koscielny, Laurent Lacazette, Alexandre Leno, Bernd Lichtsteiner, Stephan Martinez, Damian Emiliano* Mkhitaryan, Henrikh Monreal, Ignacio Mustafi, Shkodran Ozil, Mesut Papastathopoulos, Sokratis Ramsey, Aaron James* Torreira, Lucas Welbeck, Daniel* Xhaka, Granit Now, you may notice a couple of names missing? A certain Guendouzi? Maybe, a short fella called Mavropanos? Before you have a coronary, yes they aren't in the 25 man list, however, and it is a big however , they are free to play for the first team! How? I hear you cry.....well, they are under 21 players and are therefore free to play for the first team.

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Sunday's EPL Action! - Important Surprises

First Up - Cardiff v Arsenal Unai Emery once said something along the lines of 'I'd rather win 4-3 than 1-0', and he wasn't far off in this thrilling encounter in Southern Wales. Arsenal fans finally got to see what Aubameyang and Lacazette could do when playing together, and it was this pairing that provided just about all the potency as Arsenal finally sealed the points on 80 minutes, when, Man of the Match, Lacazette blasted home from inside the box. In an encounter which was bruising, and appearing to be bruising, there was a mix of hard tackles and more diving than at a pearl farm. Cardiff gave a great account of themselves, but what really impressed us was that Arsenal have come from behind in the last two games and won, scoring three goals in each! Arsenal have gone some way to justifying themselves after Troy Deeney of Watford said that Arsenal lacked another word for bravery....Speaking of Watford...
Watford v Tottenham  In a big surprise, Watford came out 2…

Cardiff 2 - Arsenal 3(Gunners Player Ratings)

Player Ratings For The Gunners
What a cracker of a match, Arsenal leaving it until 80 minutes for Lacazette to fire home and give Arsenal the points, a hard fought but deserved 3-2 victory over Cardiff.  It has been 10 years since Ramsey left this area and it was a shame to see him booed by the Cardiff fans. However, all fans, on both sides, will have been pleased to see such an entertaining match, hard fought by both sides. For Arsenal, starting the match with both Aubameyang and Lacazette, this was a trial that must continue. The pairing of the two is lethal and potent. Arsenal fans have been screaming for it for a long time and deservedly so. However, with regard to the Arsenal player ratings, here's my thoughts:
Cech: 6 - still struggling with the playing out from the back philosophy, maybe time to give Leno a start. Bellerin: 6.5 - Shows great pace but his crossing was lacking a little bit. Emery should start Lichsteiner to give Bellerin more fight. Mustafi: 7 - Has improved…

Arsenal Field Possibly Their Best Eleven v Cardiff City

Arsenal Lineup For Cardiff Match The fans have screamed for it, now it looks like it's gonna happen! Aubameyang and Lacazette to start together in a league match.  Yes, the time is here. What with Arsenal's dismal away form, Emery is trying to shock Arsenal into turning things around with this pairing. The full lineup for the Gunners is as follows: Cech Bellerin    Mustafi   Sokratis   Monreal Xhaka   Guendouzi Ramsey   Ozil   Aubameyang Lacazette Let's hope this turns into a good one for Arsenal! I guess that if this doesn't work, it's hard to see them presenting any serious challenge to the title, or the top four for that matter. Anyway, the games starts in about half an hour! Thanks to our supporters at window cleaning Perth