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London's Weekend Review

Arsenal 2 - Everton 0

This game had really two portions. In fact, it was really a game of 2's....Arsenal won by 2, both goals scored in a little over 2 minutes, both scored by their best 2 strikers! However, it was also a game of 2 portions, there were the 2 minutes we just mentioned, however, there was the other 88 minutes.

What was different about the other 88 minutes? Well, that period was very evenly matched, perhaps even Everton were slightly ahead overall, with the exception of some poor finishing. I am thinking particularly of Walcott, the former Arsenal player, who was through on goal and still managed to allow the advancing Cech to save.

The encouraging thing for Gunners' fans is that Arsenal are not playing well, yet, still winning. Imagine what they can achieve if they do start playing well?
A special mention goes out to Alexandre Lacazette. Everyone mentions his 'bromance' with Aubameyang, however, his well taken individual goal was a sheer delight. He is …

Arsenal Announce 25 Man Premier League Squad

Arsenal Squad For This Year So, with no further is the Arsenal squad for this season: Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick Bellerin, Hector* Bramall, Cohen Cech, Petr Elneny, Mohamed Naser Elsayed Holding, Robert Samuel* Iliev, Deyan* Iwobi, Alex* Jenkinson, Carl Daniel* Kolasinac, Sead Koscielny, Laurent Lacazette, Alexandre Leno, Bernd Lichtsteiner, Stephan Martinez, Damian Emiliano* Mkhitaryan, Henrikh Monreal, Ignacio Mustafi, Shkodran Ozil, Mesut Papastathopoulos, Sokratis Ramsey, Aaron James* Torreira, Lucas Welbeck, Daniel* Xhaka, Granit Now, you may notice a couple of names missing? A certain Guendouzi? Maybe, a short fella called Mavropanos? Before you have a coronary, yes they aren't in the 25 man list, however, and it is a big however , they are free to play for the first team! How? I hear you cry.....well, they are under 21 players and are therefore free to play for the first team.

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