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London's Weekend Review

Arsenal 2 - Everton 0

This game had really two portions. In fact, it was really a game of 2's....Arsenal won by 2, both goals scored in a little over 2 minutes, both scored by their best 2 strikers! However, it was also a game of 2 portions, there were the 2 minutes we just mentioned, however, there was the other 88 minutes.

What was different about the other 88 minutes? Well, that period was very evenly matched, perhaps even Everton were slightly ahead overall, with the exception of some poor finishing. I am thinking particularly of Walcott, the former Arsenal player, who was through on goal and still managed to allow the advancing Cech to save.

The encouraging thing for Gunners' fans is that Arsenal are not playing well, yet, still winning. Imagine what they can achieve if they do start playing well?
A special mention goes out to Alexandre Lacazette. Everyone mentions his 'bromance' with Aubameyang, however, his well taken individual goal was a sheer delight. He is a consistent and top drawer performer!
On the negative side, it was nice to see Aubameyang also score, however, the linesperson might need to borrow my glasses, as Auba was clearly offside by some margin.

West Ham 0 - Chelsea 0

To say this was a one sided affair wouldn't be strictly true. Better to say it was one sided in attack for one team, one sided in defence for the other. Guess which was which? Yes, Chelsea should have scored bucket loads. However, a West Ham team that was trying to capitalize on last weeks' win, understandably took no risks. Not to say, however, that West Ham didn't threaten, they did, and should have scored. However, wave after wave of Blues' attacks came to nothing.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again, Chelsea need a top drawer striker. Sure, Hazard is top drawer, however he is not an out and out striker. Morata is not top drawer. Sure, he came from an impressive club. However, his goal to game ratio has never been top drawer, and I doubt it ever will be. Also, Giroud, the ex-Arsenal striker is no fresh faced novice. He is a seasoned pro. However, when he was at Arsenal, he would often go 10 or more games without scoring, and this is a pattern that looks like being replicated at Chelsea. Oh...I hear you cry, he holds the ball up well! Yes, he does, and if the scoresheet said West Ham Ball Holding Up 8 - Chelsea Ball Holding Up 15, then, yes Giroud would win man of the match. However, it's goals that win games. Just look at Arsenal this week, they were less than impressive, however, two goals in two minutes were all that was needed to secure 3 points.

Come on Chelsea, find and buy a 'goal a game' striker!

Brighton and Hove Albion 1 - Spurs 2

Spurs lost 2-1 in the week, and suddenly the writing was on the wall for them. However, they won away with exactly the same score this weekend to put the doomsayers in the backrow, for at least a week.

Spurs, to me, are never going to be a team that will win the title. They are a very good team, however, they don't invest as much as other clubs do.
That being said, they will always be impressive, and their bouncing back from a poor period is something that everyone should admire, albeit against opposition that is good, but not excellent.

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